Lille “The Most Flemish Town in France”

We have been through Lille before, many times on the train from London to Brussels, but have never seen more than the railway station.  This time we went with our friend Dave Lam and his daughter Rachel to visit the Lille Christmas Market, which is the subject of a different post.  I found it a charming city even though I didn’t get much outside the main square. However, in the main square a 50 meter (162 foot) tall “view wheel” was a centerpiece of the Christmas Market and gave us a good view of the city.

The tourist information office in the Palis Rihour had a past use as a religious building and has one of the strangest stained glass windows I have ever seen. It has a bishop holding his head in his hands with blood spurting like a fountain from his headless neck.  There has to be a story behind that.

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