The Great Spring Sitka Sound Bio-mass Festival.

March brings life to Sitka Sound.  When the herring come in everyone follows, by air, in the sea and under the sea.  The eagles, gulls, whales, sea lions and fishermen all congregate to celebrate the great spring biomass festival and feast on what the Sound provides.  I love this time of year, herring mean spring.

This year’s herring fishery is not the rodeo that we usually have with almost 50 permit holders competing to see who can catch the most in the least time.  This year it is a cooperative rather than a competitive fishery, permit holders taking turns, selecting the best sets to get the highest roe content in the fish.  This year it seems the fishermen are more in competition with the whales, spouting between boats, than they are with each other.  An Eagle sits on top of the Raven Radio tower watching the channel.  Springtime in Alaska.

It was a dull day with rain but still a good day to get out on the water thanks to the Sitka Whale Festival and Allen Marine.

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