Sloths, Crocs and Herons

Central America is a land bridge where different species from North and South America meet, and sometimes cross paths.  It is also on a major avian flyway.  The Tortguero Canal is a fresh water canal that runs parallel and within sight of the Caribbean coast.  After recent heavy rains it flows heavily but near the sea there is a mixing zone with fresh water.  It is a perfect place to watch wildlife.

Sloths are particularly interesting because they move so slowly.  They have a very low metabolism, eat little, and sleep, perhaps, 20 hours a day, putting our cats to shame.   So when we came by a sloth that was really moving our wildlife guide shouted “Oh my God, look that one is moving, I mean really moving fast.”  And he was climbing a tree.  This series of photos contains Sloths, Egrets, a small (as opposed to a great) heron, owls and a baby crocodile trying to look like a log.  There is a type of lizard that looks like a leaf whose name I can’t remember and some birds I can’t identify.  Perhaps you can.  There are also some pictures of scenery from along the river.

3 thoughts on “Sloths, Crocs and Herons

  1. Nice wildlife photos. I was surprised by how fast the sloths moved when they got going. The lizard looks like the Green Basiliscus … aka the Jesus Christ Lizard for its ability to walk on water.

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