Sharon Stone and the Virgin Mary – The Puerto Princesa Underground River.

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In the event you don’t click above, the Puerto Princesa Underground River is a UNESCO world heritage site, voted one of the new 7 wonders of the natural world.  It is not easy to get to.  It is two hours from Puerto Princesa, you then take a ferry to a beach, get off and walk to the landing near the mouth of the cave.  You can ride up the river in a canoe for one and a half kilometers into the caves.

The pictures in the caves through which the river runs were difficult to take.  The only lighting in the cave is what comes from the headlamps of the paddlers.  I had to manually focus and hope that the paddler kept his heady steady so the lamp light held long enough to get the picture.   I tried several different exposures.  I shot these photos without flash at 3200 and 6400 ISO, for anyone interested.

At one place in the cave the paddlers shut off their headlamps so we can experience the total darkness of the caves, except people didn’t turn off their camera and iPhone screens so we kind of missed that experience.


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