Beau Vallon Beach, Mahe, Seyschelles

This is a continuation of “World’s Smallest Capital.”  With pics of the beach.  I even have a shot of the little blue fishes.

I’m sitting on the back deck using the good 3G service to upload these posts.  All aboard was a few minutes ago and we are waiting to sail.  Piracy is a problem in these waters.  Somali Pirates sometimes lurk in these islands.  According to one article piracy costs the Seyschelles 4% of their GDP each year.  The pirates prey on the fishing fleet and are a threat to yachts and pleasure craft.  A strange benefit of this for me is that our ship runs dark, not completely blacked out, but the lights along the promenade deck are out, as are the funnel lights.  The ladders (outside stairways) are still lit.  This has given us a few wonderful nights of stargazing.  The Milky Way was beautiful two nights ago.  Tonight I am not sure how it will playout because we have a half moon that will light up the sky a little more than on past nights.  But the sky is clear.  I will be looking up.  And now we are moving.  Good by Victoria, Mahe and the Seyschelles,  (and good-by good Internet.)

2 thoughts on “Beau Vallon Beach, Mahe, Seyschelles

  1. I’m really enjoying your dispatches. You and your wife are doing off the beaten path
    things that are fascinating and edifying to follow. You describe the thoughts your experiences are provoking rather than just describing your day. My favourite blogger on the world tour! Thanks and keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I enjoy processing what I’ve seen and writing about it.

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