2013 Christmas in Sitka, including the return of the Boat Parade!

For years Sitka had a boat parade.  Several years ago, after the mill closed, the boat parade ended.  It is expensive to run boats up and down the channel while powering lights with a generator.  The boat parade was replaced by the landlubber’s parade.  But this year, while we were driving around looking at people’s Christmas lights we noticed some lights out on the water.  The Boat Parade was back.  We drove along the shore to watch the boats at Halibut Point, Sandy Beach, Sea Mart, Thompson Harbor, Raven Radio and Crescent Harbor.  What a hoot. So here are pictures of decorated houses and boats.  Merry Christmas from Sitka, Alaska.

The next few days I will be posting Christmas topics.  Tomorrow a post about the Battery Exchange, my Christmas Eve radio show and on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day pictures from Bethlehem.

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