With Salmon We Are Fed Up

February 8, 2020, Northern Chilean Fjords off Melchior Island

The taxi driver in Puerto Montt is using Google Translate to communicate.  He is telling us what the people like to eat.  “We like beef and dairy products, and with salmon we are fed up.”  I think he means that while they eat a lot of beef and dairy, they really eat a lot of salmon.   But of course, being Chile, it is most likely pen reared salmon.  He asked me if I liked Norwegian or Chilean salmon better.  I didn’t bother to explain that I am allergic to both and asked, instead “What about Alaska Wild Salmon.”  It didn’t register with him.  He apparently didn’t know about Alaskan wild salmon and getting into a discussion on the pitfalls of pen reared didn’t seem worth it over Google Translate so I just said “Real fish don’t eat pellets” and left it at that.  He smiled.

I tell this story in way of introduction to the second day of cruising the Chilean Fjords, northward going into Puerto Montt past Melchior Island where there is lots of aquaculture but also many whales, seals, and sea lions.  Steaming north towards the sunset.  The next to the final picture is the sunset reflected in my stateroom window.

Here are pictures from the southern Chilean fjords.

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