Winter Sunsets

From our perch, looking South southwest over Jamestown Bay toward the Gulf of Alaska, I have a crows’ nest view of incoming weather, and from September to March I have nightly views of winter sunsets, when I can see them through the clouds.  As we approach the winter solstice the days get shorter, but our twilights get longer.  Right now, we have about an hour and 40 minutes between sunset and the end of nautical twilight.  As we pass the solstice and head toward the spring equinox the length of sunsets will shorten until we reach the equinox when our sunsets will last about an hour. After that sunsets will get longer again but I won’t see them from my house.  From May 23 to July 17 there is twilight all night with very long sunsets, but in the summer the sun sets toward the Northwest and I can’t see it from my perch.

To help us get through our long nights here are some pictures of November and December 2020 sunsets.

5 thoughts on “Winter Sunsets

  1. You do live in heaven! I’m so jealous looking at all your pictures, especially those of the Aurora! Stay warm and take care!

  2. Wow,your pictures of your sunsets are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Actually they are spectacular. Helen

  3. Beautiful shots! Interesting how every day is different. Just like fingerprints, no sunset is exactly like another. Thanks for sharing.

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