Looking for Fall

Yesterday I went to Silver Bay and saw some change in color of the ground cover and the fireweed in it’s final burst of rebirth. (see the post before this one.) I thought that if I went up to the top of Harbor Mountain I could see fall further along. I called Suzi and asked if she wanted to go up with me, so she came down and met me when I drove up to the house and we well looking for fall. We didn’t find it. It was still summer at 2,300 feet. It was worth the trip and now we have an excuse for going up again in a week or two, before the TD (School starts this week) arrives.

I’m glad we went up yesterday. Today it would have been fogged out.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Fall

  1. TD is “termination dust”… that light dusting of snow that doesn’t last but is a harbinger of more to come. It gets its name from the fact that it usually arrives about the same time that summer-only employees get their termination notice.

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