Shadows on Teak

In Sitka I walk most days.  I walk because, Penny, the Public Health Nurse told me I needed to.  I went into the “Backdoor” coffee shop (The backdoor of the local bookstore) and announced that I would walk every day and take pictures to post on the Internet.  “If I don’t, please give me grief.”

There is a particular log in the Sitka National Historical Park that I often visit on my walks. It was blown ashore from a log boom going to the Pulp Mill sometime, probably in the early 1970s.  I have taken its picture in all seasons and weathers.  I have documented its slow decay as other life springs form its nourishment.  “My log” is one of the things that gets me out walking.  On Zuiderdam on Deck 3, (Promenade Deck) you can walk completely around the ship.  I picked our room on deck 4 so I had easy access to the Promenade (and there is a cool glass elevator that looks down on the walking track.  I walk down but I love looking through the etched glass to the shadows below).  Three laps are a mile.   I go out in the mornings at 8 AM while Suzi’s at Tai Chi.

Aside from some occasional birds skimming the surface hunting flying fish there is not much to photograph.  And once we got far enough from land even those birds left us.  I began noticing the sun on the port side casting shadows of different ship’s apparatus on the teak decks.  Those shadows, change every day, sometimes every lap, with the ship’s position, the angle of the sun and the crossing of the equator. Sometimes a guy stopping during the circuit frustrates cruise mates’ intent on making those three laps quickly at an even pace, so I must be careful.

But most of my fellow walkers are encouraging.  I am a slow walker, especially since COVID.  Most walkers pass me.  Quite often I get a touch on the shoulder “It doesn’t matter how fast you are; it matters that you are out here,” or “Gotta keep movin’” or “Good going honey.” (A New Yorker.)  I try not to be in the way but when I see interesting shadows…

8 thoughts on “Shadows on Teak

  1. Thank you for taking the time to write your blog and share pictures Rich. Seeing the pictures today makes me realize how much Paul and I miss being on a ship. We’ve had a few family crisis that made us realize we couldn’t do a world cruise at this time we do have another cruise with Holland America going to Alaska next June 2024. It’s going to stop in Sitka. Paul and Sue

  2. Oh how I wish I was walking those wonderful teak decks. Love the photo’s of the shadows.
    I’m really enjoying your blog. I always wanted to do a world cruise but in 2018 I had a stroke and the Dr’s told my husband to cancel our Christmas cruise. I almost had another one because I was so upset.
    My daughter and I did a Panama Canal turnaround just before everything got shutdown. Now no one wants to go with me, so I am travelling via all the blogs you and others are writing.
    So thank you.

  3. These photos are really extraordinary. Thank you for bringing your observation into our vicarious cruising experience. Wishing you great days at sea!

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