Kauai Sail in and Sail Out.

The captain told us he was opening the bow at sunrise so we could watch the scenic sail in at Nawiliwili bay.  Looking at a map I saw that the best views would be on the port side, where we have our cabin.  One of the nice things about having a balcony is that you can slip on a pair of pants and go out and look without getting fully dressed and walking the 300 yards to the bow at zero, almost light, early.

We enjoyed the sail in, catching the first sun on the mountains and turning around to see it break through the clouds. Then we went back to bed and slept beyond a decent hour when we set off to find a railroad.  MorKauae of that in the next post.  Here is a photo gallery of the sail in.

And of the sail out, just before sunset, wen we saw the other side of the bay.

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