Eclipse Bookends

I was too excited to sleep.  Would the cloudy weather forecast for Mazatlan hold?  Would the weather be the same out at sea?  Would I miss an eclipse again? 

At about  5 AM, in order not to disturb Suzi with my tossing, I went out to our balcony, more clouds than sky.  A watched as the sky lightened, and the clouds began to break up bringing hope.  At about quarter to six I woke Suzi up.  She had to see this.  The sun was going to be the “star” of the day starting with a dramatic entrance…

…And exit. 

After the eclipse ended and the excitement calmed down our sun continued her trek across the sky.  Even at dinnertime she was still reluctant to give up the spotlight.  Or perhaps continued to be the spotlight.  The ship had turned and we caught the tag end of the sunset, again from our balcony.    A dramatic entrance

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