Prizren, the Picture Perfect Balkan Town

Prizren is the picture perfect Balkan town.  It’s cut in two by the Drini River; a graceful Turkish arched bridge unites the two halves of the town.  A 15th century Mosque dominates the riverbank.  That Mosque is built on Roman foundations.  At least 5 other minarets pierce the skyline.  The citadel overlooking the town was first built in the 4th century BC by the Illyrians … Continue reading Prizren, the Picture Perfect Balkan Town

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria, 1997

These pictures are faded.  We scanned them to put on this website.   March 1997 There are fine monasteries, isolated in the mountains, and of only passing interest to the Turks, so they remain.  We went to Rila.  It is a four story arcaded and fortified place with fine frescos that have the faces of donors to the monastery depicted as saints, and demons.  I … Continue reading Rila Monastery, Bulgaria, 1997

Rakoivishki Monastery, Bulgaria.

This is from October 2011. We drove back to Serbia by back roads.  The main attraction was to be Belogradchik, an Ottoman fort built around a series of natural red rock monoliths.  In pictures they look spectacular, but we had fog down to the deck so I really can’t testify to them first hand.  Now I know how cruise ship passengers arriving in Sitka must … Continue reading Rakoivishki Monastery, Bulgaria.

Sofia, Bulgaria

My Friend Lili from Sofia asked where Bulgaria was in my blog.  Here are some Archive pictures from October 2011.  October 30, 2011 Sofia, Bulgaria Anyone who digs a few meters under Sofia’s the streets finds layers of history ranging from Neolithic to Ottoman with Roman, Byzantine and Medieval Bulgarian layered between.  In 2004 excavations started for the hotel in which we were staying, workers … Continue reading Sofia, Bulgaria

Belgrade, Krajla Petra (King Peter) St, March 2013

My office was on this street for three years, but who carries a camera to work?  When I realized I was leaving I took my camera but the light was never right.  On March 30 I had a camera and good light so I took these pictures.   The buildings on the street are a mix of empire style, Austrian Secession, Art Nouveau, Art Deco … Continue reading Belgrade, Krajla Petra (King Peter) St, March 2013

Zagreb, 1997, Operetta at the Presidential Palace

This is from 1997.  I threw in the picture of the necktie shop in this tranche of photos, just because it seemed to go with the uniforms. May 11, 1997 Zagreb, Croatia Dear Friends, We’re in our eleventh week of wandering Europe after the evacuation.  We had planned to be gone two.   We’ll be in Zagreb another week before traveling to Vienna to get visas … Continue reading Zagreb, 1997, Operetta at the Presidential Palace

Mali Ston and Ston, Croatia

May 23, 2004 Mali Ston, Croatia, Dear Friends, Mali Ston is on a cove, not spectacularly beautiful, but restfully pretty.  Mali Ston is not distinctive compared with other historic towns along the coast.  The reason to go to Mali Stone is to eat.  Big busses bring eating tours to Mali Ston.  This weekend a busload of French Tourists came to sample local seafood and wines.  … Continue reading Mali Ston and Ston, Croatia

Sarajevo at Night

This is from a Sept. 2000 letter. In the evening I walked through Sarajevo’s old town.  It had not changed much since I was last there in 1972.  The Habsburg section is now a big walking street, and the old town, still has its Turkish style shop houses and covered bazaar.  The streets were lively with thousands of people getting out of their hot houses … Continue reading Sarajevo at Night

Tracking an Old Memory, Dobrun, BiH

This is from a June, 2010 letter: Thirty Eight years ago, (in 1972) Suzi and I fleetingly encountered a narrow gauge steam powered train while driving the back roads of Bosnia.  Last week, near the same place, we saw that train again.  The rail company is just re-opening the narrow gauge line into Bosnia after closing it in the 70s.  This time we chased the … Continue reading Tracking an Old Memory, Dobrun, BiH

Mostar, Herzegovina

This is from a May 2004 letter. Mostar is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the “capital” of Herzegovina.  We visited it before the war.  It’s in worse shape now than Sarajevo was four years ago.  Many of the buildings have warning signs proclaiming them a “Dangerous ruin” and advising you not to enter or park your car too close.  Much of … Continue reading Mostar, Herzegovina

Sargan 8, A railroad climbs a mountain in Serbia

This is an excerpt from a June 2009 letter:   This week we started our journalism summer school at Mokra Gora, (wet mountain) in the mountains near the Bosnian border.   As part of the program we had arranged an excursion on the narrow gauge railway. This railroad has fascinated me for more than 35 years.  Suzi and I encountered it in 1972 on a drive … Continue reading Sargan 8, A railroad climbs a mountain in Serbia