St. Stephen’s Advent Market, Budapest.

The Budapest Christmas has expanded down the street.  The Budapest Christmas Fair morphs into the St. Steven’s Advent Market.  This paragraph is from a November 2011 family letter.   The St. Steven’s Advent Market has a more commercial feel than the Budapest Christmas Market down the street.  It has corporate sponsors, like the Samsung skating rink, and when you buy a mug it has the … Continue reading St. Stephen’s Advent Market, Budapest.

Obuda Advent Fair, Budapest, Hungary

Here is a paragraph from a November 2011 letter talking about the Advent Fair at Fo Square in Obuda. If Pest has a Christmas Market, folks on the other side of the river in Buda, or in this case Obuda (Old Buda) need their own Christmas fair.  The Obuda fair is almost completely Hungarian, it’s smaller and kid oriented.  There’s a live stage featuring an … Continue reading Obuda Advent Fair, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Christmas Market.

We first visited the Budapest Christmas Market in 2009.  First impressions are important.  Here are my first impressions from the family letter for Nov 28, 2009. The Budapest Christmas fair is supposed to be about handicrafts, but to me it was bells and smells.  Church bells punctuated Sunday morning as we strolled through the fair.  We left the smell of diesel on the street and … Continue reading Budapest Christmas Market.

Bree, Belgium St. Nicholas Market.

This is from a letter I wrote in 2007.  We stopped in Belgium and the Netherlands on the way home from Kosovo to visit our friends Dave and Carol Lam, who took us to Christmas Markets.   In Europe the Manger and Santa Claus co-exist peacefully in the public square.  In fact, two different versions of Santa Claus coexist.  In the Low Countries St. Nicholas, … Continue reading Bree, Belgium St. Nicholas Market.

Amsterdam, the Arrival of St. Nicholas

This is an excerpt from a 2003 family letter.  Although not properly a Christmas Market, it fits here. On Sunday Sinta Klaus (St. Nicholas) arrived in Amsterdam. Saint Nicholas is really from Asia Minor (today’s Turkey.)  Dutch people know this.  Dutch also know that most Americans believe Santa lives at the North Pole, so they seem amused that we came to Amsterdam to see Sinta … Continue reading Amsterdam, the Arrival of St. Nicholas