We first visited Montenegro in 1972.  It turned we visited during the last small pox epidemic in Europe. We, and our rental car, were commandeered by the Public Health service to drive vaccine to a remote village in the lake Skadar area.  We had a US Public Health Service doctor with us.  We loved the country, but thought the capital, Titograd, as it was then known, was boring.

We returned again in 1997 to do an assessment of local radio there and by October 1999 we had a flat in “Titograd” which had since gotten back its old name, Podgorica.

Suzi and I lived in Montenegro, Crna Gora (or Black Mountain) for a year, between Oct. 1999 and Oct. 2000.  We continued to return to teach at the Kotor Journalism Summer School and consult with local radio stations all around Montenegro through 2004.  When we lived in Belgrade between 2008 and 2011 we spent long weekends in Przno several times a year.  After Alaska, Montenegro is our surrogate home.  The coast is dramatic, as are the mountains beyond.  Someday I will find some of the letters from Montenegro to post here but for now I will re-post the pictures, with some new additions, from our old website.

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