See Alaska before it melts! Portage Glacier

In 1991 I took my mother to visit the Portage Glacier an hour drive south of Anchorage.  We went to a program at the visitors’ center, heard the lecture and saw the movie on glaciers.  At the end of the performance the ranger opened the curtain behind her and there was a close up view of Portage Glacier including a lake filled with little ice burgs.   By the time Kevin was married in 2007 and we brought the wedding party to Portage Glacier the glacier was no where to be seen in the vicinity of the visitors’ center.   We had to drive out a road along the lake and get on a boat which took us around a bend in the lake to get a view of this rapidly retreating glacier.  The picture from the window in the auditorium looks out over a placid lake with no ice in sight.  If you don’t believe in climate change come to Alaska.  Come to Alaska to see our glaciers, before they melt!

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