The Alaska Marine Highway System is 50

These are pictures I have taken over the years of our Ferry System.  I am amazed that several of the ships have  been serving for 50 years and still run well, having been modified over the years.  Three were stretched, they were reconfigured to run on diesel rather than bunker fuel, they all have new safety equipment, they have re-done interiors, but the original ships still retain their clean lines.  Modern ships look like they were built with Lego.  They look top heavy and boxy.  Our ships look sleek.  And, of course, there are the new high speed ferries.

Happy Birthday AMHS!

One thought on “The Alaska Marine Highway System is 50

  1. As a teen-ager we could ride to Seattle for $50 ……..”those were the days my friend” ! …..Dennis Murphy class of “70” …Sitka Hi . . . .

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