Havana Night

We stopped back at the ship for a quick run to the buffet before heading out for the 9:30 show at the Café Taberna.  The Café serves dinner but Lonely Planet warned us off the food there.  But the mojitos were good, as was the beer and especially the music.

The band was of mixed ages, races and musical styles.  The trumpet player was blonde, blue eyed and young.  The bass player was black with dread locks.  The lead singer looked startlingly like my grandfather when he was in his 80s.  Some of the band members approached the bandstand using canes but when they started to play they really moved, as did the audience.  They played a mix of mambo, son, bolero and salsa.  Some of the older band members were younger members of the Buena Vista Social Club a decade and a half ago when Ry Cooder brought them to world attention.

On the way back to the boat we walked through the floodlit squares of Havana Vieja.

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