Cuba 2016

October 2, 2016


Post 0, Milepost 0.  This is a series of blog posts on our trip to Cuba on the cruise ship Adonia run by Fathom Cruises.  It is the first cruise ship licensed to travel directly from the US to Cuba in more than 50 years.  There will be more ships, they are planning them now.  We set off from Miami with news of Hurricane Matthew heading toward Eastern Cuba.

It was a 7 day cruise and I have 18 posts, not counting this one.  There is an old aphorism, stay a week write a book, stay a month write a magazine article, stay a year and you don’t know what to write.  But I take daily writing as a discipline despite the lack of discipline that this blog may evidence.  The links to each post are below the picture.  I hope you enjoy them.



C.U. in CUBA.

Havana Viejea

Cruisn’ the Malecon

Cuban Eye Candy (Classic Cars)

Havana Night

Sustainable Propaganda (But nice Pictures)

Sailing into a Havana Sunset

First Sea Interlude

Cooperative Farm, Cowboys and Cheese

Waiting For Lunch in Cienfuegos-Communist Problem Solving

Cienfuegos Art-Nouveau

Cienfuegos Sail-Out

Second Sea Interlude,  Revolutionary Graphics

Our Third and Fourth Sea Interludes

We Flee the Ghost of Jesse Helms, in a Studebaker 

Artists and Locomotives

A Final Walk Through Havana

Cuban Coda


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