Artists and Locomotives

After the castle Luan dropped us off at the Artisan’s market, which has a display of old steam locomotives sitting outside the artisans hall.  Inside the arts and crafts vary in quality and style.  There is the normal tourist art, no Elvis on velvet but there are Che, Fidel, and John Lennon, as well as paintings of 1950s cars.  There is also a good deal of abstract modern art, some based on Afro Cuban themes and a good deal of pop art, inspired by Andy Warhol.  And there are t shirts, of course, lots of t shirts.

Across the street from the artisans’ market is the restored church of San Francisco de Paula, all that is left of a convent.  It has been restored as a concert hall, but has striking stained glass a new altar and a holy water font with the water in a plastic bottle sitting in the font.

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