Sailing into a Havana Sunset.

Our bus tour took us through different neighborhoods of Havana, through the Miramar and Vedado neighborhoods and we arrived at the pier in time to do a little shopping.  At each place we stopped the seller said “See you Saturday.”  We are not scheduled to return to Havana but Hurricane Matthew is headed toward Santiago in Eastern Cuba so it seems reasonable that we will skip Santiago after our call at Cienfuegos and head west to return to Havana.

When we get on board I ask the security officer about the change in plans.  He is being coy telling me I have to wait for the Captain’s announcement, which comes just before we sail out.  We are not going to Santiago but will be spending a whole day in Cienfuegos rather than a half day and will turn around and come back to Havana on Saturday.  The sail out of Havana was just at sunset.

On board we have taken on a hot Cuban Son band, but where are my fellow travelers?  At the late set (I went to both) there were 44 people including the 6 in the band and three waiters.

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