Isolation depends on your point of view.

They call themselves isolated.  They sit in the Atlantic between Iceland, Norway and Scotland, somewhere around 50,000 people on 17 or 18 islands.  But to me they are fully connected.  They have weekly ferry service to Denmark, Scotland and Iceland and about 10 flights in and out each day, several a day to Denmark but also to Iceland, the UK, Norway and Spain.  To me this does not seem isolated.

We were there on a beautiful day, warm with sun.  This is not typical.  One Faroese told me “It rains here two days a year, yesterday and today.”  I’ve read Simon Winchester’s descriptions of the Faroes in a storm, waves crashing, rain pouring and no trees to provide shelter, wild beauty.  Because the weather was so fine our captain took us on an unscheduled scenic cruise through some narrow straits, a few hours of late afternoon, early evening, sightseeing.    Wild beauty indeed.

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