It’s beginning to look a lot like…ALASKA!

Last night I popped my Jeep into 4 wheel drive for the first time in 33 months.  I had begun to wonder if Sitka would ever see winter again.  When you live in a rain forest the snow is a relief, precipitation in a different form. precipitation that you don’t mind walking in, precipitation that brightens up the town, even cloudy days.

Today is transitional, a bit of sun breaking out from the layered clouds.  We had a storm that threw rocks up on the runway of our airport closing it for a little while.  It sent a storm surge against the shores giving us the sound of surf and giving the more athletic of our town an excuse to put on dry suits and surf the waves.  Everyone else got out snow shovels.  The storm brought rain and, at its tail end, snow, about 8 inches of it.  It was a morning to put on my Sorrel snow boots, like the 4 wheel drive lever, unused for 33 months.  It was a morning to be alive.

The pictures are Sitka Downtown, the Sitka National Historical Park, and at the Sitka Fine Arts Campus (Old Sheldon Jackson College campus.)

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