Running of the Boots 2016

Spain may have its “Running of the Bulls” but in Sitka we have the “Running of the Boots.”  I think this is safer.  This year we celebrated the 22nd annual “running.”  It started as celebration of the end of the tourist season but is now a fundraiser for Sitka Local Foods Network (Farmers’ Market.)   The “Running” got a break today.  It was held in a sucker hole.  Rain before and rain afterwards, but enough non-rain for the running and some lunch after.

Sitkans put on their “Sitka Sneakers,” XtraTuf Neoprene fishing boots that are the standard footwear in our rain forest.  Some Sitkans decorate the boots put on zany costumes and run from one end of the town to the other and back once Kerry gives the signal by throwing an XtraTuf boot into the air.  Some runners take an extra lap around St. Michael’s Cathedral.   Dan videos it all for the local TV and Emily covers it for Raven Radio.  I try to get as good a picture as I can with a dark sky and fast moving boots for my blog.  It’s pretty much become a kids’ event with prizes for costumes and decorated boots as the kid’s parade before the judges, dancing in a circle under a tent in Totem Square to live music.   There are not just prizes for costumes but also prizes for running.   The first ten to the end of town get prizes and the first ten back also get prizes.   There are no prizes for circling the cathedral.

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