Earth Day 2016, the Parade of Species

It’s Sitka’s annual “Parade of Species” so it must be Earth Day.  Sponsored by the Sitka Conservation Society with help from Old Harbor Books, the Sitka Sound Science Center and the National Park Service kids (and adults) dress as their favorite species.  Gathering at Totem Square a giant mosquito interviews each of them, organizing them by land, sea and air, asking what species they are.  The species then parade the length of Lincoln Street to the Sitka Sound Science Center for games, different science and environmental exhibits and judging of costumes.  We live in a rain forest so a number of species costumes feature built in foul weather gear.  There are an unusual number of jellyfish.  The costume is an umbrella with streamers coming down.  And there are also mushrooms, again, an umbrella with different patterns.  Are we getting a theme here?  Not really.  There are a lot of species, including some human, although this year I spotted no Vulcans.  Also there was no Smoky Bear this year.  As I walked back to where my car was parked at the National Park a giant crab surprised me coming up from the sea (Last photo.)

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