Earth Day 2016, the Parade of Species

It’s Sitka’s annual “Parade of Species” so it must be Earth Day.  Sponsored by the Sitka Conservation Society with help from Old Harbor Books, the Sitka Sound Science Center and the National Park Service kids (and adults) dress as their favorite species.  Gathering at Totem Square a giant mosquito interviews each of them, organizing them by land, sea and air, asking what species they are.  … Continue reading Earth Day 2016, the Parade of Species

Earth Day Sitka, 2015

Wednesday was Earth Day but much of the celebration is happening in Sitka this weekend.  Today (after school) we had the 14th annual Parade of Species.  Kids dress up as their favorite animal or plant to crawl, slither, run or cross pollinate down Lincoln Street.  At the beginning of the parade route representatives of the 4 H club and the Sitka Conservation Society interview the … Continue reading Earth Day Sitka, 2015