Earth Day 2021

The Parade of Species is a highlight of Sitka’s Earth Day.  Usually, it has tons of kids dressed as different species, costumes made from recycled stuff.  Last year there was no parade, this year it was limited to Spruce Tips 4H members to keep it small and allow some distancing.  There are costumes made of bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, plastic fruit baskets and tree moss.  Sometimes it takes some imagination to see what the species is supposed to be but it’s always fun.  This year the critters started at the Fine Arts Campus, marched down Sitka’s Sea Walk, turned around and marched back.  Costume judging was by the playground.  Then they marched out the jetty and back.  I liked the dragon fly, whose compound eyes were made of plastic strawberry baskets.  I also liked the green moss beard on the “old man.”  The Cheetah demonstrated her prowess at running fast.

After the parade, the main Earth Day festivities were on the Fine Arts lawn with speeches and tables set up by different environmental and health organizations set widely apart to give everyone plenty of room.

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