Earth Day 2017

April 22 is Earth Day.  In Sitka we celebrated early with our 16th annual parade of species sponsored by the Sitka Sound Science Center and the Sitka Conservation Society.  I really love this event.  People dress up as their favorite species, plant, animal or mythical (in the case of mermaids, this is a seafaring community after all.)  Each species is invited to talk about itself, why did you choose to be a tiger, or a jellyfish?  What do you like about it? what dangers do you see?  The great thing is the age spread, little kids, young adults, and elders, some with walkers.  The parade goes from Totem Square to the Sitka Sound Science Center where there are displays of different activities.  I spent a lot of time talking to the electric car people, who want Sitka to “run on rain.”  (Our power is all hydroelectric.)

This year there was a new twist to Earth Day in Sitka, a demonstration in favor of science.  It seems really strange that there is even a need to show support for science, but the times are strange and the point well made.

To see the second tranche of pictures from Earth Day please click here.

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