A Slice of Quilt

It starts with an image.  The leader makes a full-sized sketch of that image.  She slices that image up in strips from top to bottom, or sometimes in a grid.  Each member of the quilting group takes a slice and executes it independently, using her own techniques, without consulting with the other quilters, while trying to match the colors in the original picture.   Then the slices are stitched together to make a “slice quilt.”  According to Brian Lovett, in a Raven Radio interview with Megan Pasternak. “It’s a “bind collaboration.” Each quilter approaching it in her or his own way.

Sitka’s Ocean Wave Quilters had a “Slice Quilt” show this weekend on the Sitka Fine Arts Campus displaying five years-worth of slice quilt projects.  The quits represented everything from scenes of Sitka to salmon can labels, an Alaskan License Plate to a “Simplicity Dress Pattern” package.  The show was a delight.  Thanks to Janine Holtzman for organizing the show and giving me permission to share these works of art.

And one full sized picture to give you an idea of how this works.

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