Name that Species!

It’s Earth Week.  All week Sitka’s kids have been making costumes portraying their “favorite” species to prepare for the Parade of Species.  The Parade starts at Totem Square and ends at the Fine Arts Campus with games and face painting.  The event is sponsored by Sitka Spruce Tips 4H club, part of University of Alaska Cooperative Extension and run by the Sitka Conservation Society. 

Sometimes I am not so good at recognizing the species.  I suggested that I may post some pictures on iNaturalist, the citizen science app of the National Geographic Society, to see if anyone could identify what the creature was.  Given the rain I think the jellyfish, umbrellas with streamers, may be the best adapted species for our rainy spring weather.   The species were lucky today.  It was pouring rain earlier.  The “animals” in today’s parade only had to deal only with drizzle.

One thought on “Name that Species!

  1. Really liked how the “adults” enjoyed the dress up, too. Let’s never grow up!

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