20th Sitka Whalefest.

For 20 years Sitka’s Whalefest has occupied our town during the first week on November.  The festival is centered on a science symposium but integrates the performing arts, visual arts, education and outdoor adventure into a package that engages the community and brings visitors from as far as Australia and New Zealand. The Symposium dove into topics ranging from harpoon heads found bowhead whales captured … Continue reading 20th Sitka Whalefest.

Earth Day 2016, the Parade of Species

It’s Sitka’s annual “Parade of Species” so it must be Earth Day.  Sponsored by the Sitka Conservation Society with help from Old Harbor Books, the Sitka Sound Science Center and the National Park Service kids (and adults) dress as their favorite species.  Gathering at Totem Square a giant mosquito interviews each of them, organizing them by land, sea and air, asking what species they are.  … Continue reading Earth Day 2016, the Parade of Species