The Rocks Is

The Rocks is (I labored over this, “The Rocks is” sounds bad but “The Rocks” is a district so I am counting it as a singular) the birthplace of Sydney, on a peninsula of land in the harbor.  Now the district is bisected by the approach to the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  For a long time is was the center for bars and brothels.  Then it became the merchant’s stone warehouse district.  City fathers planned to raze the districts for new hotel and business development but the Labour movement stepped in and the area was, instead, renovated, renovation that is still going on.

Many of the buildings are made of kind of a golden stand stone.  Some of the newer buildings, not built in the traditional style of The Rocks, use a variegated version of that stone for their facades.  It is also part of the shoreline riprap.

Each weekend The Rocks closes off several streets for a lively market selling arts and crafts.  And, of course it is a great place to stop for a nice cup of tea, or jug of ice tea, scones and a little community knitting (see Sydney post or pictures below.)

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