Yellow Stripes and a Cappuccino Strip.

We got back to Fremantle from Perth but still had two mysteries to solve.  The first was easy.  The night before someone gave us directions and told us to go to Cappuccino Strip and turn right.  We wanted to know if there was really a Cappuccino Strip or if that was just some irreverent Aussie slang for yuppie quarter.  A road sign answered that pretty quickly.

The second mystery was why buildings had yellow strips across them in, what seemingly, was a random pattern.

The lady at the tourist information office at the visitor center told us it was an art project but the only way we could understand it was to go to the Round House (an old prison and fortress) and look down High Street.   The Round House had a tunnel through it.  Once we got to the Round House we understood.

And looking from the tunnel we could see that the design was an extension of the tunnel.

In our last hour in Fremantle we rode around on the free CAT circulator bus.  It was rush week at the local university and the town was full of young women pledges running around in their school t shirts, walking in large groups and riding the bus.  What struck us was that every young woman said “thank you” to the driver when she got off the bus.  The young men sometimes said “thank you” or, more often, “Cheers” or if they were a little older it was “Cheers mate.”  These are very polite students.

Here are some final shots from Fremantle.

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  1. In NZ nearly everyone says “thanks driver” when getting off public transport, maybe it’s because nobody is afraid nor carries a weapon.

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