Fremantle, Australia was the last port Pop sailed into before reaching Calcutta and the CBI Theater in World War II.  In one of his letters he described an “armada” of allied shipping gathered in this staging area, although, to me, it does not look a big enough harbor to harbor an armada.  After Hobart this is the place he wanted to return to.  It was his last bit of “the west” if you will, before India and Burma.  That is one of the reasons I have wanted to come here, to see it.

We sailed into Fremantle, known locally as Frebo, just after about 2:30 in the afternoon.  The new Maritime Museum is striking on our starboard.  We also saw people working in the rigging of a sailing ship.  While we made fast at the pier I found my 3G service worked very well and did internet things until we got off.

It is the port for Perth but yesterday we just walked Frebo, which is older than Perth and is a charming town, many of its warehouses turned into artists’ studios or galleries.  One whole street is nicknamed Cappuccino Alley, one of the locals who was friendly and wanted to steer us in the right direction steered us away from that and toward the waterfront.  Our afternoon/evening in Frebo meant a walk to the Norfolk hotel, an old yellow stone building with a cool courtyard shaded by eucalyptus where, after 5 PM you can benefit from the fruits of their “Barbie.”  I had brisket, Suzi, rotisserie chicken.

We walked back at dusk to the ship, which was having an Aussie special.  They brought on a wine we used to enjoy when we lived in Anchorage but has not been available to us since we left there in 2008.  We haven’t found it in Anchorage when we have gone back.  It’s a Penfolds Shiraz/Cab blend.  We bought 4 bottles, everything in the ship’s cellar, for future dinners on board.

Today we plan to take the train to Perth.

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