Tiger Balm Gardens Rebranded.

Tiger Balm Gardens in Singapore has been rebranded as the Har Par Villa.  It’s a favorite in Singapore.  It was built by Har Par and opened to the public to teach young people Chinese moral lessons. (See Courts of Hell.)  I don’t know if it worked.  It is wonderful, strange and bizarre place.  I don’t understand most of it, the signs are only somewhat in English, there are much more complete explanations in Chinese.  It seems to have fallen off several tourist itinerates but I wouldn’t miss it.

The gardens are getting a fresh coat of paint, new shops are being built and offered as prime locations for new tenants who may want to participate in this rebranded attraction.  I am not sure it is working.  There weren’t many people there and as part of the rebranding there will be expanded exhibits including more than Chinese culture.

One thing is the same, you can still buy Tiger Balm, and I did for my sore shoulder and aching Achilles heel from all the walking through and to the Tiger Balm Gardens.

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