2019 Celtic Explorer, MS Prinsendam.

The MS Prinsendam (Picture on top is Prinsendam in Skye Harbor) leaves Holland America Service on July 1, 2019.  Before she left the fleet, we wanted to take one more cruise on her.  We had planned to travel in July and August but the line sold her before we could trav(el.  They substituted another ship but we wanted Prinsendam, so we took back to back cruises in May.  According to Holland America taking two cruises back to back makes us “Cruise Collectors.”  They even had a special recognition reception for “Cruise Collectors.”

The first cruise was the Celtic Explorer, leaving Dover, England and ending up in Amsterdam.  (The second was the Norwegian Fjords Explorer.) We had rough seas for lightering in Jersey and Fishguard, and hit a storm as we left the English Channel and rounded Penzance (no pirates) but had remarkably good weather the rest of the way.  The ship felt empty, only 567 passengers out of a potential 835.  No lines for anything!  Below is a map and links to each of the posts for this cruise.  The second cruise was the Norwegian Fjords Explorer.  I have the links in order from start to finish below.  If you want to know how it all ends click on Two Cruise Coda first. 

It All Starts in London.

And We’re Off, Dover

The Beaufort Scale and Jersey’s Public Art (St. Helier.)

Tides in the English Channel (Jersey and Falmouth)

A Pretty Town (Falmouth Cornwall)

Truro Mambo (Falmouth)

St. Davids (No Apostrophe Please)

A Liner Returns to Fishguard.

A Presbyterian Cathedral (Glasgow)

A Tardis and a Traffic Cone (Glasgow)

The Isles of the Blest (Portee, Skye)

Upside Down Town – Tobermory (Mull)

Diversity of Views and Style (Dublin)

Cuts and Conversation (Dublin)

Einstein on the Beach (Belgian Coast)

It’s a Bourgeois Town (Antwerp)

Antwerp’s Two Cathedrals

Confessions and Anguished Angels (Antwerp)

Antwerp Postcards

Amsterdam Turnaround – Flip a Ship

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