Tides in the English Channel.

The English Channel has some of the widest tidal ranges in the world, ranging to 40 feet.  Sea farers have to have different strategies to deal with these tides.

In Jersey some harbors are open to the sea and the boats rest on the bottom when the tides go out.

Other harbors have dykes that keep the boats afloat, but they can only go in or out when the water is high enough.  They also have flood gates to keep surge tides out of the harbors to protect the boats.

In Falmouth this boat is mooed using counter weights.  The boat is tied to a line that runs to a pully with a weight on the other end of the line.  As the tide rises the boat the weight keeps both bow and stern lines taught.

In Falmouth the Maritime Museum has two floors below mean high tide so people can sit or stand on one or the other floors and watch the tides, fish and other creatures come and go. 

Along the walls there are exhibits on why the tides change.

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