Sunday on the Ferry

Sunday Sydney Ferry.

March 8, 2020, Sydney Harbor

The ferry sails through fleets of Sunday sailors in every sort of sailboat.  There are hundreds of them, sometimes tacking and heeling over like some sort of synchronized ballet regatta.  There was also a fleet of little ‘sun fish’ types of boats, two fleets acutally, some of them following a bigger sailboat making it look like it had a litter, ducklings following the mama duck.

Ferries in Sydney are easy to ride, you pay for them with the same Opal Card that you use for light rail, trains and buses and they go everywhere.  Ferries on Sunday run more frequently than on weekdays.  Sunday fares are also lower.  Weekdays they run for commuters, weekends they take people to the beach, their sailing clubs, the amusement or their favorite picnic grounds.  The ferries are well loved and well used.   We got on in Darling Harbor at the Maritime Museum, fulfilling a wish from the last time we were here, and crossed the harbor several times calling at an amusement park, two beaches, marinas, suburbs and at Circular Quay.  At the different stops people greeted each other with hugs and kisses, little fear of COVID—19 here.

We got off the ferry at Watson’s Bay, a “Village” with a park, spreading trees, a marina, a beach and lots of picnickers.  We had a ginger beer and walked a little before getting back on a different ferry headed for Circular Quay and downtown, leading me to my next post.

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