Winter on the Totem Trail

Winter in Sitka is a season the tourists don’t see.  They often ask us “What do you do in the winter?”  We smile and think about the peace and quiet and the periodic winter events that interrupt that peace and quiet, the Jazz Festival, the Wearable Art Show, Christmas Markets, fireworks on New Year’ the Boat Parade, the Polar Dip, jam sessions, parties and a hot mocha on a cold day.  I love the walks, the crunch of snow under my feet, the fresh and clear air, the dramatic days with clouds, rain, wind and sun all within minutes of each other.  I like the quiet.  What I don’t like is the ice that sometimes makes those walks hazardous, but I get out enough to enjoy the season.  This year my winter season will be short because Suzi and I are traveling to warmer places, the South Pacific, Australia and Africa.  “Postcards from the Transition” will return to its “pre-retirement” origins as a world travelogue and photo blog.

But as I post from warm places I will have these pictures to remind me of home.

This series of winter posts will include posts of sunsets, and from different parts of Sitka.  Stay tuned.

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