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Okay, I admit it. I almost missed it. Today started out fairly nice with rain in the forecast for the early afternoon. Suzi and I had Saturday Breakfast at the Nugget. I dropped her off at home and headed out toward Herring Cove for my hike before the weather turned. On the way I heard Denny, on Raven Radio announce that the Pride Parade was at noon. Virtual head slap (I was driving.) I had intended on going. I calculated time, and recalibrated schedule. I had time to walk from the turnout on Silver Bay to the picnic table and back, then to drive out to the Beaver Lake Trailhead at Herring Cove, hike up just to the waterfall and come back, drive to town and catch the Pride Parade.

I left the house for breakfast without my camera and I didn’t pick it up when I dropped off Suzi so all I had at Silver Bay, Herring Cove and for the pride parade was my iPhone. I took some ribbing by friends at the Pride for that but since these pics are for posting not for printing and the answer to the old question “Which is the best camera?” is “The one that is with you” I made do.

Here are some pics from the 2023 Sitka Pride Parade. By the way, I Google Kusaxan Aya Kusaxan and it came up “Love is Love.” Google knows at least some of the Tlingit Language!

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  1. It wasn’t Google Translate, I just typed it into Google and it popped up.

  2. Actually, your camera took great pictures and I could cycle through them easily. Thanks! I support “Love is Love” wholeheartedly! One of our daughters (43) is bisexual so whoever makes her happy and secure is OK with us! Years ago when I taught kindergarten, we arranged our large colored construction paper sheets in rainbow colors across the top shelves of our cabinets. Bet that’s not allowed today…It is so sad how our country has deteriorated! Listen to Episode #2 of Rachel Maddow’s Podcast Deja News. She talks about this.

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