It Always Starts With the Milk Run.

The Extension of the Pacific Coast highway beyond Vancouver is Alaska Airlines’ “Milk Run.”  (Ok there is the State Ferry but the Governor has line item vetoed  it to the extent that it hardly counts.)

Except during the three months of summer any flight into or out of Sitka is on a “milk run”  with stops along the way to Seattle.  The plane cruises above the “Left Coast” at an altitude good for taking pictures.  On a sunny day it is great, even when, as in the case this time, you are shooting into the Sun through a not so clean window.

In Ketchikan we get to wave at the tied-up ferries that used to call at Sitka frequently but now are almost as rare as a white raven.  

Our landing glide path took us right over downtown Seattle.

Below Seattle it is nonstop to San Diego, but there are still some volcanos that poke above the clouds.

3 thoughts on “It Always Starts With the Milk Run.

  1. Hope your voyage goes well. Am glad to be able to follow your well written blog on another journey.

  2. Thought I saw a white raven yesterday but alas, a Coast Guard ship going around in
    in circles!

  3. Wow, stunning photos. Your window sure didn’t look dirty as the pictures are so very clear. Thanks for sharing.❤️

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