More Neon than Gas lamps…

And more LEDs than either.

The Gas Lamp quarter is an entertainment and restaurant district in San Diego.  It’s close to the convention center and ballpark with a number of Victorian era buildings.  One brochure says it’s noted for it’s “dive bars.”  I don’t think they mean scuba, although there are surfer bars. (My weather ap said there was a high surf warning.

There’s even some exposed gas pipes to add flavor, but the lamps are definitely not gas.  I suspect if they were it would run afoul of California carbon laws.  However there are a number of gas heaters in the outside restaurants.

Before the cruise we stayed at the Moxy, a kind of ‘hip’ Marriot brand.  It has an “industrial” brutalist look with poured concrete with ducts and pipes exposed.  I would expect the bar to feature industrial, techno music but it features Abba.  This may be the first time I EVER welcomed Abba into my soundtrack.  Techno décor with 70s music.  Dancing Queen didn’t fit, but then again it did.

The hotel has rooms facing outside and inside.  Our room faced inside and all night, through the gauze curtain, I saw flashing and flowing light reflections off the windows across the, I won’t call it an atrium or a courtyard, more an air shaft except you can’t open the windows.  (Anyone raised in New York or Jersey Cities will know what I mean by air shaft, a vertical tunnel with windows.)

Inside the “Air shaft atrium” is an art installation called flow.  It represents droplets of water ascending and descending with different colors at different times of the day.  It is powered by a solar panel so when the battery runs down it begins to fade as the evening becomes early morning, unless it was a very sunny day.  That can keep it going all night.  Once I figured out what it was it was a delight.  I was even more delighted the next night when I found a window shade that allowed me to block out the light reflections when I was trying to get to sleep.

4 thoughts on “More Neon than Gas lamps…

  1. Gaslamp is a far cry from the mid-1970’s when it was packed with strip clubs, massage parlors, “novelty” shops, by the hour hotels and XXX movie houses. Accommodation at the other end of the decor experience would be the Horton Grand Hotel.

  2. Very interesting. Would like to see such a lighted shaft someday.
    A weird day in Sitka again! On and off again rain, snow, and bits of sun.
    Hope your boat is in the right place!

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