Memorial Day Shakedown Cruise.

Suzi and I were offered berths on the MV Chichagof for a two night “Shakedown Cruise” over Memorial Day Weekend.  We took the opportunity.  We were the “Guinea Pigs” for Alaska Dream Cruises as they broke in a new crew for the summer season and took this 40-year-old lady out for a test run.  She carries her age well, with classic lines.  But unlike some other older ships.  Everything works.  Hot water, comfortable temperatures in public rooms and cabins, great food and a friendly staff. 

And the cost to us, filling out a survey on what went right and what didn’t.  Most everything went right! 

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Shakedown Cruise

Peril Strait Sunset

Chichagof Dream

Noting Changes on a Dynamic Coastline.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Shakedown Cruise.

  1. So happy to hear they picked you and Suzi. Smart move on their part. The information you share will motivate others to take a trip.

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