Berlin 1964

In 1964 I was a student in Berlin for a week.  I was 17 and had an old Brownie box camera.  Film was expensive so I only took a few pictures.  They have faded but I wanted to add them to allow you to see some of what I saw so long ago.

I had only a few diary entries from that week.  Here they are.

July 26. 1964    I saw the wall from our side.  I was silent. 

July 30th, 1964  Today I left Berlin.  In my memory there are lots of jumbled details but I can’t quite pull them out.

It took me 25 years to pull it out.


2 thoughts on “Berlin 1964

  1. I am impressed, with this whole thing, Rich! Very good idea to contribute to some real knowledge. I very much liked your pictures of old Berlin, which gave me a sence of knowing something important, that I didn’t before. In 1964 I was only 3 years old. Niether me, nor you couldn’ t see each other, because of that famous wall, which was less physical than imaginary minded. Now I am 53 and still fighting with that imaginary part. This is the most difficult part I think.

    I will countinue visiting this site of yours with interest, knowing that part of your story of life could be that of my Albania.

  2. Some of the story will be Albania. I need to scan photos because we were using film then. And I need to edit letters. Reading them I made so many naieve assumptions. Although, perhaps, I should leave them as part of my oun transition.

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