Levoca, Slovakia

In Eastern Slovakia there are many fine old towns, often settled by German craftsman and guildsman brought in by various emperors to jump start the economy.  They are still working towns.  One of the most beautiful, Levoča, which is noted for its fine wood carvings, has gothic and baroque buildings still lived in.  It has a museum dedicated to the alter carvings of Master Pavol.  The main street has grocers and hardware stores vying with ice cream stands, coffee shops and “souveniry” stands.  It is kind of the way Bratislava was when we lived here.  But I wonder for how long? It’s just too beautiful not to be overrun (by people like me.)  The towns and villages outside Bratislava, and the castles that seem to perch on every prominent hilltop, with green, gold and lavender fields spread at their feet, make this a prime place for visitors.

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