Telc, Moravia, Czech Republic

We have been to Telc several times.  It has a nice outlet store for Bohemian crystal, even though it is in Moravia.  Each time it was overshadowed, in the letter, by other places or, in one case, by a traffic accident.  A Lada hit me while I was stopped an intersection, no one hurt.  So the pictures will have to tell the story.  The first time we were there in 1990 it was rundown but you could see the beauty under the dust and in spite of the faded paint.  The last time we visited in 2002 it was gloriously restored.  Here is the short mention it got in my 1990 letter.

Earlier in the day we went to the Moravian town of Telc, with vaulted gothic walkways, renaissance upper floors and baroque gables surrounding the cobbled town square. The town grew upward through the centuries.


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