Target Field, July 4th weekend and Tanaka Pitches, what could be better?

A great way to spend part of the July 4th weekend is at a ball game.  For the second year we enjoyed watching the Twins loose to the Yankees at Target Field.  Our tickets were tagged “Skyline View” because we could see the Minneapolis Skyline probably better than the action on the field.  But it was a great day, nice crowd, a lot of fun and fireworks at the end.

The one disturbing thing was the cost.  –our people, upper deck “Slyline View” Seats, 4 hot dogs, 4 drinks, 4 Cracker Jack and parking came to close to $275.   When I was a teenager in the early 60s, comparable seats at Yankee Stadium with parking, hotdogs, a coke and Cracker Jack — 4 people – cost around $17.00.  How do kids manage to go to a ball game these days?

For me two of the joys were watching Masahiro Tanaka pitch.  I wanted to see what a $155 Million arm cost.  (and probably why the outing for three of us came in at such a cost…

And watching Derek Jeeter, perhaps for the last time before he retires.  (It is not likely I will see another Yankees game this year, but stranger things have happened.)

Zelous Wheeler, a rookie in his first game, hit a homer to put the Yanks in the lead in his second major

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