Updating Art to add a Bicycle.

My friends at Radio Atinati in Zugdidi, Georgia have their station across the street from an old Soviet mural made of iron.  It shows the progress of transportation from winged Mercury to Space flight, with cars, trains, horse carriages, carrier pigeons and hot air balloons in between.  But they thought the Soviets were missing one item, a bike.  So they did two things.  They created a bike, that now sits in their hallway.  They hope to put it up on the mural, I suspect in the lower right hand corner.  And to promote heathy commuting they have put of a bike rack in front of the mural to help modern day cyclists.  I hope they can add to this Soviet era artwork.

It was a great day working with folks at a fine bi-lingual station, broadcasting across a demarcation line between Georgia and breakaway Abkhazia to both Georgian and Russian speaking listeners.

I am in Zugdidi working with the IREX Georgia Media Program M-TAG, supported by USAID.

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