“Become Ocean”

John Luther Adams, a composer who spent most of his professional life in Alaska, won the Pulitzer prize for his composition “Become Ocean” an orchestral piece performed by the Seattle Symphony.  The peace is about the Greenland Ice sheet becoming ocean as the bergs drop into the sea and raise its levels. You can listen on Spotify, it is a powerful and moving piece.  I have featured it on Raven Radio twice.  I thought a lot about it today.

On our stop at Aappilattog we found a sailboat with mechanical problems.  The ship’s crew helped fix it and it took off before us and we passed her in the Sund.

Everyone was either outside, on deck, it was a warm and sunny day, or in the “Crows Nest” bar at the top of Prinsendam for the re-transit of Prins Christian Sund.  After we cleared the Sund into the iceberg filled waters of the Denmark Strait (“Become Ocean”) we went to dinner.  From the table we saw, perhaps 30 humpback whales playing off our port side, spouting and feeding.

This is such a beautiful place I had to post one more tranche of pictures.

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