Sitka Christmas Boat Parade, 2019

The first Christmas in Sitka, in a trailer park, Suzi looked out the window and saw brightly colored boats cruising by in the channel. Over the years the boat parade has ebbed and flowed with the economy and the weather. Some years we rode in the Sheldon Jackson College boat broadcasting live, asking people to turn their lights on and off as we passed, and they did.

Then, the year we finally got our boat decorated, the parade, for some reason didn’t happen. It was replaced by the landlubbers parade, with floats, often made with the displays that the year before were on boats.

In the harbor there were still boats with trolling poles lit up but no parade until a few years ago. It has been growing. This year it happened Sunday, December 15, with the promise of a repeat next Sunday. This year the boats marshaled at the Longliner Cafe. Suzi, Dave, Janet and I had reserved a table and as the boats left and returned were out on the deck to wave them off and wave them home.

Thank you for brightening our Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Sitka Christmas Boat Parade, 2019

  1. Thank YOU for posting this. Wonderful photos. Better than lit-up Christmas trees! To a city dweller the sheer darkness is treat, too.

    Merry Christmas to you.

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